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Tours in the Siberian fairy tale

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The Western Sayan

 The Western Sayan mountains is limited to the west Шапшальским the backbone of the East Altai and Абаканским the backbone of the Kuznetsk Alatau. Starting in the upper reaches of the river Abakan, he stretches a broad belt, gradually attenuated from 200 up to 80 km to the edge of the mountain ranges of the Eastern Sayans in the upper reaches of the rivers Казыр, Uda and Kizhi-Khem. From the north to the Western Sayans adjacent extensive всхолмленная Minusinsk basin forest-steppe, and from the south - dry steppe hollow of Central Tuva. The total length of the system is 650 km.







Lake Baikal

 Baikal. The amazing beauty of the lake, the unique creation of nature, crystal clear water... Probably every person to a greater or lesser extent heard about the deepest lake on our planet. And what else do you know about the Baikal? Lake baikal is located almost in the very center of Eurasia, in the high mountain ridges of the Baikal mountain region. The length of the lake extends for 636 km, width - 80 km. On the area of lake Baikal is equal to 31 470 km2 , which is comparable with the size of Belgium (in this european country with the largest cities and industrial centres of the population of about 10 million people). Maximum depth of the lake - 1637 km - on the right allows you to call Baikal is the deepest in the world (the average depth is 730 m). African lake Tanganyika, entering into number of the deepest lakes on the planet, "lagging behind" from the Baikal to 200 m. Of the thirty islands the biggest one is Olkhon island. Baikal fill three hundred and thirty-six permanent rivers and streams, and half of the water brings the Selenga river. It follows also from the lake only one river - the Hangar. To estimate the volume of the lake Baikal, imagine that in ideal conditions (if that does not get caught and does not evaporate not a drop of the surface), the Hangar, выносящей 60,9 km3 of water annually, will need 387 years of continuous work, to drain the lake! In addition, lake Baikal is the oldest lake on our planet, its age is variously estimated at 20-30 million years. Clean, pure baikal water, saturated with oxygen, has long been regarded as healthy. Thanks to the activity of living organisms living in the water weakly has been mineralized by the (almost дистиллирована), which explains its crystal transparency. In the spring of the water transparency reaches 40 meters! Baikal is the repository of 20% of the world and 90% of russia's fresh water reserves. For comparison - this is more than the supply of water to the five Great lakes of america put together.The Baikal Ecosystem gives about 60 km3 of clean water a year.


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